Park Plan Integration

Rivery Park Integration and Improvements

As part of the Development Team’s agreement with the City of Georgetown, Rivery Park will receive nearly $6 million in improvements. Focused on enhancing the natural beauty of the park, the improvements will include:

  • Fountains and pond enhancements
  • Splash pad and playground
  • Riparian restoration to improve river views

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone

The City of Georgetown and Williamson County have established a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) to assist the developer in financing park improvements and the construction of the conference and performing arts center. Through property taxes, the TIRZ will fund a maximum of $25 million on developer costs associated with these items.

The TIRZ represents a partnership between the City, County and developer and is designed to create a project with public amenities previously unavailable in Williamson County.