Top News Stories of 2016: Sheraton Hotel Opens Its Doors

Top News Stories of 2016:  Sheraton Hotel Opens Its Doors

Georgetown’s first full-service hotel opened it doors last summer.

The Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Con- ference Center housed its first guests at the end of July.

A crowd of about 350 gathered for the unveiling of the four-star, seven-story hotel west of Interstate 35 that anchors the 32-acre Summit at Rivery Park development and offers 222 guest rooms and a conference center.

A joint venture between owners Hines Interests of Houston and Novak Brothers of Georgetown, Starwood Ho- tels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. announced in 2014 the hotel would operate under its Sheraton brand.

“This is a day of thanks,” said Jeff Novak, founder and CEO of Novak Brothers De- velopment, developer of the Sheraton. “Therewereamillionthings that had to go right to get this done. Sometimes it felt like pushing a boulder uphill — it wasnot easy—but here we are today.”

Georgetown Mayor Dale Ross said the day was “historic” for the city. “A project of this magnitude and quality reinforces to the rest of the country that Georgetown is a can-do city that can com- plete major projects,” he said. “There was so much collaboration involved— this is part of the reason we are the fastest-growing city.”

Those inattendance enjoyed a luncheon before taking tours of the facility’s guest rooms, club lounge, conference center and Brix And Ale restaurant. Chet Garner of the PBS television show “The Daytripper” checked into the hotel as its first official guest. In the first five months since opening, several major conferences and events have taken place at the new venue.

— Matt Loeschman, The Williamson County Sun